Jabu's Story:

Jabu and her young daughter Nelisiwe walked slowly down the dusty road, their eyes downcast. That morning, at school, Nelisiwe had learnt about the importance of a healthy diet. Jabu only wanted the best for Nelisiwe. She worked long hours, struggling to feed, clothe and educate her children. It worried her that they were not eating quality food.

Jabu remembered how, as a child, she would help her Grandmother grow, gather and prepare delicious vegetables. Jabu stopped walking. "Ah those old people knew how to grow good food!" she thought. “Food from healthy soil is better than any other food! Traditional food such as maize, beans and potatoes are full of goodness.” Excited, Jabu began to walk faster. When they got home, Jabu and her family immediately made plans to grow their own quality food. Jabu and her family grew strong and healthy.

Now, Jabu's heart is big! She wants healthy food for everyone. She wants to make a difference to her people through quality food. She shared her dream with a farmer she knew. To her great joy, the farmer loved her idea and offered to help grow for her vision.

... And that is the story of how "JABU" began, bringing healthy food to EVERYONE! “Making a difference” through quality food.

Jabu's products:

Jabu’s potatoes are grown using modern Sustainable Agricultural practices that comply with GAP.
Jabu takes special care in growing her own maize to mill for her customers.
Jabu’s beans are South African bred, grown, picked and packed.